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About North's Bakery

North's Bakery is an independant bakery, with both the main production and shop based at 10 North Street, Winchombe. 

The bakery was first established by Mr Ron North in Gwent, Wales in 1955. In 1967 Mr Ray North (eldest of the four sons, whom are all bakers around the country) and his wife Anita branched away to open their own business in the Cotswolds.


The bakery is now run by Dan Seagrave who has been a baker at North's for over 20 years, along with his wife Roxanne. North's still uses all the traditional methods and produces products from only the best ingredients, made by qualifed craftsman.


Our range of traditional White Bread, Stonegroud Wholemeal and Cobber Bread are all made without any additives or preservatives. With speciality breads ranging from Walnut and Raisin to Sour Dough, choosing the correct flavoured loaf for the right occasion can be complicated, so help and advice is always at hand.


However, we don’t just bake bread! We sell a large range of products from homemade and retail confectionery, including our own chocolate range, to wedding cakes, pastries and seasonal homemade cakes all year round. Just pop in to the bakery to sample the great offerings for yourself!


At North's we pride ourselves on our qulaity products and customer service. We work hard to create a range to cater for all the family and we also do the same for a large number of wholesale customers.

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